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wow… just wow.

Posted by eric on November 26, 2007

Heroes keeps getting crazier. It’s going to be hard after next week’s season finale, waiting an unknown amount of time until we see more episodes. A lot of people compare the show to Lost, in the sense that both shows have built “mythologies,” and lead to a lot of viewer-created theories. In a sense, Heroes is “better” than Lost, because you can generally assume that up is up… which isn’t always the case in Lost. (Are they *definitely* on an island?) Of course, the good vs. evil lines seem to be a lot more blurred in Heroes than in Lost. But Lost just seems “tighter” in some aspects. Details are much more intricate — I mean, think about the hatches. Yes, Heroes created the Company, but I don’t know if they compare. Lost had its “Lost Experience” (which I never really got into… I came along too late), and Heroes has the online graphic novels. It seems that Lost does a lot more explaining through its alternate channels than Heroes does. Hmm. They’re both great shows. Thankfully, once Heroes is over, we’ll only have two months or so until Lost starts (we think). Of course, that will be a shortened season as well, it seems… argh.

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good news..

Posted by eric on November 20, 2007

Yesterday, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to watch the Jaguars on December 2nd, when I’m in Atlanta. So I went on, and posted a message on the message boards. I asked if anyone knew of a way to look up bars that have Sunday Ticket, or knew of a place to watch Jaguars games in Atlanta. Within minutes, someone posted a link to the site for the group of Jaguars fans up there, and wouldn’t you know it, they have a restaurant where they gather. So it looks like I’m set. Now I’m just hoping it’s a good game!

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tv stuff…

Posted by eric on November 19, 2007

An assortment of things that I’ll make a post out of:

  • I’m hoping I can watch the Jaguars vs. Colts game on Dec. 2nd while I’m in Atlanta. Based on the other games on CBS that day, we’ll probably be the “A” game. The problem is that CBS is the singleheader network, and the Falcons play at 1 PM on Fox. I have a feeling that CBS will then try to put their game in the other time slot in the Atlanta area. But we’ll see what happens. There’s always a sports bar.
  • Heroes tonight. WOW. I’m rather disappointed that we only have 2 more episodes, courtesy of the strike.
  • How I Met Your Mother was pretty funny. I have a feeling this will be strike-shortened as well, sad as well.

I think that’s about it for now.

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freakonomics rules…

Posted by eric on November 9, 2007

I decided to check out the Freakonomics blog tonight, which was spawned from the best-selling book. One of the recent gems: an article detailing an economist’s approach to dating. I feel like I’ve read some of the research before, but it was nonetheless interesting.
Another interesting blog entry: the relationship between TV programs and video that’s posted online. Especially timely given how the internet figures into the WGA strike.
That’s all for now…

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I didn’t say I would blog, but here I am…

Posted by eric on November 5, 2007

Tonight, I attended a lecture at the University of North Florida. It was part of their Distinguished Voices lecture series. Tonight’s lecture was by Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, about life in a connected society. I found out about it through the emails we get at work from the school’s PR people, and figured why not — it looked interesting. Near the start of the lecture, Rainie asked if anyone was live-blogging. Nobody raised their hand. Then he asked if anyone would blog afterward. I think five people raised their hands — I didn’t, even though I was fairly sure I would blog afterward. And here I am.
But anyway, the content. There was one slide showing the ways information flows — I think he called it the “ecology” of information. There was one describing things in the mid-1970s — fairly simple. Then there’s the one for today — arrows going all over the place. Very telling about the way things work these days. Another interesting stat was on the use of social networking sites. Something like 93 percent of teens or young adults (I forget which group) having profiles, while only 22 of adults do. A lot of the screenshots were taken from Facebook — while that may have just been an example, it does seem that Facebook is having a lot of growth these days. There was a good article in Newsweek about two months back, taking a look at the site from several angles. Another interesting stat was that 2/3rds of people with social networking profiles take steps to protect their information — based on everything that’s out there, you’d think it would be lower, that people are putting their information out there willy-nilly. And believe me, there are plenty of people who are doing that. But apparently, it’s not as much as you think.
Anyway, it was an hour and a half that was fairly well-spent. Even if I missed How I Met Your Mother, and the first five minutes of Heroes. But I can catch HIMYM another way (there you go, time-shifting, something mentioned during the lecture), and I’ll find out what happened during Heroes (the rest of the show was amazing).

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The U on ESPN U

Posted by eric on November 3, 2007

(I’m not going to go into the actual details of today’s game. It’s just not pleasant.)
For what I think was the third time this season, UM’s game was on ESPNU today. Thankfully, the place where we watch our games gets ESPNU now. One thing struck me during the broadcast, compared to other televised football games — the commercials suck. Normally, you see a lot of car commercials, and other ads targeted at the largely-male football-watching audience. This game was loaded with a lot of two-minute, “infomercial-style” ads. One we saw twice was for Proactiv — an anti-acne skin care system, pitched by Jennifer Love Hewitt. We also saw one for the DR Wood Splitter (or something like that) twice. Saw a Bose commercial a few times. I can’t remember the others, but you get my drift. They aren’t doing a very good job of selling ad time for these games. There was one upside to this — the game moved a little more quickly.

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day two — so far, so good.

Posted by eric on November 2, 2007

My installation of MT4 was relatively painless last night. I think I’m one of the last people I know using it. Many people have switched to another blogging CMS, or they’ve moved to a hosting service. When I get around to it, maybe I’ll look at some alternatives.
Among other things I plan to do around here, once I get around to them:

  • Update my Live Music page. It’s two years out of date.
  • Update my Taping page. I now have a complete rig, and a few more tapes.
  • Update the West Wing page, since the series is now over.
  • Redesign the site. I have a mockup sitting on my server, but I never really fleshed it out. And I don’t think I like that look anymore.

As I said, they’re things for when I get around to them. We’ll see how well that works.
Tomorrow, UM Homecoming. Once again, I’ll be watching from here and not the Orange Bowl, since I can’t take off time during sweeps.

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checking the calendar…

Posted by eric on November 28, 2006

It’s Tuesday, November 28th. For about another 75 minutes, at least. A few thoughts on what this means:
— After this post, only two more posts to make the NaBloPoMo complete! I admit, I haven’t been the best blogger around. But I’ve managed to keep up the pace.
— Only one more day of the November sweeps. Thank goodness. That should ease some pressure at work.
— Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of primetime TV shows will dip into a brief hiatus until January or February. I know that next week’s Heroes is the last one for a few weeks. Studio 60… probably the same thing. Lost has been off for a few weeks now. How I Met Your Mother… dunno what they’ll be doing there. The good news is that it will give me a chance to finally start watching my West Wing season 7 DVDs. I’ve had them for three weeks now, and haven’t watched a single episode — that may be a record for me.
— A big day of college football is coming up. Well, sort of. It’s inconsequential for Miami once again. But I will be at the ACC Championship, because we already had tickets. And it should be a good game: Georgia Tech and Wake Forest have been solid teams this year. Wow, that sounds weird. Something is not right in the world.

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movie references…

Posted by eric on November 27, 2006

Two thoughts while watching Heroes tonight:
— At one point, Hiro said “Great Scott!” If you have watched the show and know your movies, you’ll understand this one.
— I saw a commercial for that included a Zoltar fortune teller machine: someone is trying to get advice for gift-giving. Zoltar was that thing involved in Big.
(Back to Studio 60.)

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Day 26: quick hits, part 2

Posted by eric on November 26, 2006

— The TV spot for the new iPod shuffle is pretty cool. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out:
I tried finding out more about how it was done, but have not yet had any success.
— Bizarre day in the NFL. Jaguars lose on a last-second field goal. Giants lose on a last second field goal, to the Titans of all people. After having a 21-0 lead. Bears and Pats combine for nine turnovers.
— On another NFL note, it seems there’s a buzz about the NFL Network’s “debut” last Thursday. I read one blurb that said their coverage was good, considering it’s their first time out. Then another said that it left something to be desired, and that CBS and Fox don’t have to worry about the NFL Network taking away more games. What seems to be an agreed-upon point is that nobody (comparatively) is seeing these NFL Network games, because of the cable carriage deals.
TV Week did an audio interview a while back with Doug Ellin, one of the executive producers of “Entourage.” I stumbled upon it while looking for something else. Cool stuff. One warning: it’s spoiler-y for the end of season 3. But if you haven’t seen that episode by now, you probably aren’t interested in listening to the interview.
— Last night (around 1 AM) I looked at the upgrade process for Gallery. Then I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to start at that point in the night. I may install it on my personal server, then do the “real” upgrade/install. This agrees with the advice Dawn gave me in a comment to a previous post. (Thanks, Dawn!)

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