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Turkey Day stats

Posted by eric on November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Day facts, courtesy of the Census Bureau
They’re actually interesting. A sample:
Minnesota is expected to produce 45 million turkeys this year.
There are three places in the US with “Turkey” in their name: Turkey, TX (pop. 492), Turkey Creek, LA (pop. 357), and Turkey, NC (pop. 269).
3 million tons of corn will be produced and processed this year in the U.S. (Obviously, not all of it is eaten on Thanksgiving.)
The average American ate 13.4 pounds of turkey in 2004, and 4.7 pounds of sweet potatoes/potatos (mmmm). Again, not all at Thanksgiving, but you can imagine it accounts for a large part of it.
So, chew on that. Happy Thanksgiving.

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