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so it’s been a while…

Posted by eric on December 24, 2006

So after 30 days of continuous posting… I wait three weeks before posting again. Oh well.
Not a whole lot to say at the moment. I’ve been grabbing a lot of “new-old” DMB recordings — maybe I’ll make cover art for some. Or maybe not. There’s one show from December 1997 (at the Orange Bowl) that I was making cover art for, but Paint Shop Pro kept crashing. Maybe I’ll revisit that soon…

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two milestones

Posted by eric on November 30, 2006

First, this is the last post of NaBloPoMo! I made it!
Second, this is the 100th post on this blog. Cool.
Aside from that, I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. And right now, SQL is getting on my nerves.

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pretty cool…

Posted by eric on November 29, 2006

I came across a Slashdot article tonight about how Legos are made. I had a TON of Legos as a kid. I had a gas station, an airport, several planes, various cars, and a few of the space-themed kits.
As I was typing up this entry, I thought about all of those Lego sculptures that are posted all over the place. I thought I had bookmarked some of them, but I didn’t. I think Eric Harshbarger’s sculptures are probably the most well-known. Then I remembered some computer case mods made of Legos, like this one and this one. Cool stuff.
I may be going to Minnesota next year for a trip — I think there’s a LegoLand attraction in the Mall of America. If I’m right, that may be worth checking out…
(one more to go!)

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checking the calendar…

Posted by eric on November 28, 2006

It’s Tuesday, November 28th. For about another 75 minutes, at least. A few thoughts on what this means:
— After this post, only two more posts to make the NaBloPoMo complete! I admit, I haven’t been the best blogger around. But I’ve managed to keep up the pace.
— Only one more day of the November sweeps. Thank goodness. That should ease some pressure at work.
— Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of primetime TV shows will dip into a brief hiatus until January or February. I know that next week’s Heroes is the last one for a few weeks. Studio 60… probably the same thing. Lost has been off for a few weeks now. How I Met Your Mother… dunno what they’ll be doing there. The good news is that it will give me a chance to finally start watching my West Wing season 7 DVDs. I’ve had them for three weeks now, and haven’t watched a single episode — that may be a record for me.
— A big day of college football is coming up. Well, sort of. It’s inconsequential for Miami once again. But I will be at the ACC Championship, because we already had tickets. And it should be a good game: Georgia Tech and Wake Forest have been solid teams this year. Wow, that sounds weird. Something is not right in the world.

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movie references…

Posted by eric on November 27, 2006

Two thoughts while watching Heroes tonight:
— At one point, Hiro said “Great Scott!” If you have watched the show and know your movies, you’ll understand this one.
— I saw a commercial for that included a Zoltar fortune teller machine: someone is trying to get advice for gift-giving. Zoltar was that thing involved in Big.
(Back to Studio 60.)

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Day 26: quick hits, part 2

Posted by eric on November 26, 2006

— The TV spot for the new iPod shuffle is pretty cool. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out:
I tried finding out more about how it was done, but have not yet had any success.
— Bizarre day in the NFL. Jaguars lose on a last-second field goal. Giants lose on a last second field goal, to the Titans of all people. After having a 21-0 lead. Bears and Pats combine for nine turnovers.
— On another NFL note, it seems there’s a buzz about the NFL Network’s “debut” last Thursday. I read one blurb that said their coverage was good, considering it’s their first time out. Then another said that it left something to be desired, and that CBS and Fox don’t have to worry about the NFL Network taking away more games. What seems to be an agreed-upon point is that nobody (comparatively) is seeing these NFL Network games, because of the cable carriage deals.
TV Week did an audio interview a while back with Doug Ellin, one of the executive producers of “Entourage.” I stumbled upon it while looking for something else. Cool stuff. One warning: it’s spoiler-y for the end of season 3. But if you haven’t seen that episode by now, you probably aren’t interested in listening to the interview.
— Last night (around 1 AM) I looked at the upgrade process for Gallery. Then I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to start at that point in the night. I may install it on my personal server, then do the “real” upgrade/install. This agrees with the advice Dawn gave me in a comment to a previous post. (Thanks, Dawn!)

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day 24

Posted by eric on November 24, 2006

I’m this far along with NaBloPoMo, not gonna let it slip by now…
Some quick hits:
— Larry Coker is officially fired as the head coach of the UM football team. Not exactly a surprise, since plenty of people have been expecting it for the past few months. He will coach the bowl game, if we get an invitation — that largely rests on the outcome of tomorrow’s VT-UVa game. And as far as the new coach… who knows.
— I saw lines stretching all the way around a Best Buy shortly after midnight — five hours until the store opened. Nuts. I know some people love it, but it’s not for me. Three years ago, I went to a Circuit City on Black Friday (around 10 AM, after producing the morning show), and picked up a scanner at a good price, as well as some DVDs and CDs. Don’t think I’ve been shopping on the day since.
— I now have a new UM sweatshirt. Which is a good thing, because my current one is about 6 years old, and starting to shrink.
— In the next few days, I may be upgrading the software that currently runs my photo gallery. Right now, I use Gallery v1.x. I’m thinking of giving 2.x a shot. It looks like it’s a nice upgrade. There are reasons for the timing, but I’m not going to elaborate on them here at this point.
That’s what’s running around my mind at the moment (or at least a sample of it…).

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Turkey Day stats

Posted by eric on November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Day facts, courtesy of the Census Bureau
They’re actually interesting. A sample:
Minnesota is expected to produce 45 million turkeys this year.
There are three places in the US with “Turkey” in their name: Turkey, TX (pop. 492), Turkey Creek, LA (pop. 357), and Turkey, NC (pop. 269).
3 million tons of corn will be produced and processed this year in the U.S. (Obviously, not all of it is eaten on Thanksgiving.)
The average American ate 13.4 pounds of turkey in 2004, and 4.7 pounds of sweet potatoes/potatos (mmmm). Again, not all at Thanksgiving, but you can imagine it accounts for a large part of it.
So, chew on that. Happy Thanksgiving.

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don’t try this at home…

Posted by eric on November 21, 2006

YouTube – Rubens Tube physics experiment
Found this over on the Tapers Section boards. It’s a “hot” way to visualize music.

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keeping clean in Times Square

Posted by eric on November 20, 2006

Charmin is putting toilets in Times Square. Welcome news to anyone going to NYC during the holiday season. Of course, the lid closes for good on these cans at 6 PM on December 31st. So the New Year’s Eve revelers will be … well … out of luck.

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