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Posted by eric on November 28, 2006

It’s Tuesday, November 28th. For about another 75 minutes, at least. A few thoughts on what this means:
— After this post, only two more posts to make the NaBloPoMo complete! I admit, I haven’t been the best blogger around. But I’ve managed to keep up the pace.
— Only one more day of the November sweeps. Thank goodness. That should ease some pressure at work.
— Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of primetime TV shows will dip into a brief hiatus until January or February. I know that next week’s Heroes is the last one for a few weeks. Studio 60… probably the same thing. Lost has been off for a few weeks now. How I Met Your Mother… dunno what they’ll be doing there. The good news is that it will give me a chance to finally start watching my West Wing season 7 DVDs. I’ve had them for three weeks now, and haven’t watched a single episode — that may be a record for me.
— A big day of college football is coming up. Well, sort of. It’s inconsequential for Miami once again. But I will be at the ACC Championship, because we already had tickets. And it should be a good game: Georgia Tech and Wake Forest have been solid teams this year. Wow, that sounds weird. Something is not right in the world.

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