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Black Friday consumerism…

Posted by eric on November 23, 2007

I didn’t have any grand ideas to spend any money today. For one, I had to work, which makes it rather difficult to shop. Second, nothing jumped out at me as a “must have.” I looked at the Circuit City and Best Buy ads online yesterday, and didn’t see anything I really wanted. I want to buy a large, internal hard drive, to put into an old computer. But just about every hard drive that was on sale today was an external drive. Nevertheless, I wound up going to Best Buy on my way home from work tonight. I wanted to look at an HDTV (that’s another story). I started thinking about memory cards for my phone, because I ran out of room while trying to take a picture last night (I transferred all of my photos from my old phone). I found a 1 GB microSD card for around $20. Not a bad deal. Then I saw a 2 GB card on sale for $19.99. Much better deal! I decided to see if there were better deals elsewhere, and it turned out that Staples had the same thing for $17.98. So I headed over to Staples, saved a few bucks over Best Buy, and now I can take a lot more photos!

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