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this seems to be a Big Ten issue…

Posted by eric on November 19, 2006

Once again, a Big Ten team wins a big game, and people set stuff on fire. This time it was OSU. But I’ve seen it happen at other schools: I think it happened in East Lansing a few years back (after a basketball game). And I’m pretty sure it’s happened at OSU before. The funny part of this AP story about last night’s incident is that the headline is “Columbus relatively calm after OSU win,” despite the fact that there were dozens of fires and 40 arrests. Fires and arrests, and you call it calm… suuurre.

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elections and sports…

Posted by eric on November 8, 2006

What do the two have in common? Well, there are winners and losers. One has recounts, the other has ties. And some athletes are now succeeding in the political arena. Like Heath Shuler and a few others.

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just when you thought you’d seen it all…

Posted by eric on November 23, 2004 Medical herbalism? Williams at holistic school
That’s Ricky Williams, in case you were wondering. Innnnteresting.

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A rare UF-related post…

Posted by eric on October 26, 2004

Site gets the hits; Zook gets the hook
I tried to check out the site yesterday afternoon at work — it just said “Service Unavailable.” It still does. But someone else said it had a celebratory message of sorts after the announcement was made, and before the site pretty much crashed.

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