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a 13′ stand is really tall…

Posted by eric on November 11, 2007

A few weeks ago, I bought a light stand from someone on (Tapers use light stands to mount their mics many feet up in the air.) I had been seeing a lot of 9′ stands on ebay and such. A 9′ stand is plenty tall enough for taping at clubs and such, but I wanted a taller stand for DMB concerts and similar situations. When I taped the DMB shows in Florida this year, I was clamped to a 16′ stand — I didn’t want one quite that tall. So when this 13′ stand popped up, I jumped on the deal. I had it shipped to work, and it arrived this Friday. Due to my trip to south Florida, I didn’t have a chance to take the stand out of the box until tonight. Wow. This thing is tall, and it’s built like a tank. It’s a Calumet stand, and made by Manfrotto, one of the better stand companies. And it’s air-cushioned, which is nice. At one point, I was extending it, and nearly put a hole in my ceiling. Oops. Good thing I didn’t.

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day two — so far, so good.

Posted by eric on November 2, 2007

My installation of MT4 was relatively painless last night. I think I’m one of the last people I know using it. Many people have switched to another blogging CMS, or they’ve moved to a hosting service. When I get around to it, maybe I’ll look at some alternatives.
Among other things I plan to do around here, once I get around to them:

  • Update my Live Music page. It’s two years out of date.
  • Update my Taping page. I now have a complete rig, and a few more tapes.
  • Update the West Wing page, since the series is now over.
  • Redesign the site. I have a mockup sitting on my server, but I never really fleshed it out. And I don’t think I like that look anymore.

As I said, they’re things for when I get around to them. We’ll see how well that works.
Tomorrow, UM Homecoming. Once again, I’ll be watching from here and not the Orange Bowl, since I can’t take off time during sweeps.

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new content!

Posted by eric on April 5, 2007

Last summer, I taped a few concerts (DMB and otherwise). Now I’ve written about it. And if you care to be generous, help me out via that Paypal button…

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