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new coverart!

Posted by eric on April 8, 2007

A while back, I started making cover art for the December 5, 1997 DMB show at the Orange Bowl. Since it was at the Orange Bowl, I was looking forward to making the cover art and including some stadium photos. But Paint Shop Pro kept giving me memory errors. Today, I went back and essentially started from scratch, and it worked. It’s now up on the cover art page.

One Response to “new coverart!”

  1. Denise said

    DUDE. . .you mean the ROLLING STONES show?
    “Yeah, I went to a DMB show. . .oh yeah, there were some other losers there. . .Third Eye something, Smashing Melons, surprise appearance by some devil-worshipping freakazoid. . .oh yes, and old guys on heroin!”
    (I was there too, obviously. . .)

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