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and you thought Ben and Jerry’s was expensive…

Posted by eric on November 8, 2007

Serendipity 3 in NYC now sells a $25,000 chocolate dessert. Yes, you read that right. 25 grand for chocolate. Of course, the cocoa comes from around the world, it’s topped with expensive truffle shavings, and it includes gold. In the dessert, on the goblet, and on the spoon (which you can take home). The big discussion in our newsroom today was why anyone would want to EAT gold. (I don’t have the answer to that one.) But don’t expect to just order this on a whim — it has to be ordered two weeks in advance, so they can get everything in from around the world. (No word on whether there’s a credit check when you place the order…)

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one week down…

Posted by eric on November 7, 2007

I was playing around the NaBloPoMo randomizer again, and came across a post on She says that her neighbors already have a Christmas wreath on their door. That reminded me of a press release I saw at work — a local radio station is already playing Christmas-themed music 24/7. They started this a few days ago — so it wasn’t even a full week into November when this began. Seriously, people. Soon stations will be starting this in October, and then it will just creep earlier and earlier…
Clicking the randomizer link a few more times, I see a post that reminds me of a story that was in the news today: a Chinese-made bead toy that’s being recalled in Australia and the U.S.. Why is it being recalled, you ask? No, it’s not lead paint, but you’re on the right track. A chemical in the beads converts to GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate) — also known as the date rape drug. Obviously not something kids should be ingesting!

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I didn’t say I would blog, but here I am…

Posted by eric on November 5, 2007

Tonight, I attended a lecture at the University of North Florida. It was part of their Distinguished Voices lecture series. Tonight’s lecture was by Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, about life in a connected society. I found out about it through the emails we get at work from the school’s PR people, and figured why not — it looked interesting. Near the start of the lecture, Rainie asked if anyone was live-blogging. Nobody raised their hand. Then he asked if anyone would blog afterward. I think five people raised their hands — I didn’t, even though I was fairly sure I would blog afterward. And here I am.
But anyway, the content. There was one slide showing the ways information flows — I think he called it the “ecology” of information. There was one describing things in the mid-1970s — fairly simple. Then there’s the one for today — arrows going all over the place. Very telling about the way things work these days. Another interesting stat was on the use of social networking sites. Something like 93 percent of teens or young adults (I forget which group) having profiles, while only 22 of adults do. A lot of the screenshots were taken from Facebook — while that may have just been an example, it does seem that Facebook is having a lot of growth these days. There was a good article in Newsweek about two months back, taking a look at the site from several angles. Another interesting stat was that 2/3rds of people with social networking profiles take steps to protect their information — based on everything that’s out there, you’d think it would be lower, that people are putting their information out there willy-nilly. And believe me, there are plenty of people who are doing that. But apparently, it’s not as much as you think.
Anyway, it was an hour and a half that was fairly well-spent. Even if I missed How I Met Your Mother, and the first five minutes of Heroes. But I can catch HIMYM another way (there you go, time-shifting, something mentioned during the lecture), and I’ll find out what happened during Heroes (the rest of the show was amazing).

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keeping clean in Times Square

Posted by eric on November 20, 2006

Charmin is putting toilets in Times Square. Welcome news to anyone going to NYC during the holiday season. Of course, the lid closes for good on these cans at 6 PM on December 31st. So the New Year’s Eve revelers will be … well … out of luck.

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this seems to be a Big Ten issue…

Posted by eric on November 19, 2006

Once again, a Big Ten team wins a big game, and people set stuff on fire. This time it was OSU. But I’ve seen it happen at other schools: I think it happened in East Lansing a few years back (after a basketball game). And I’m pretty sure it’s happened at OSU before. The funny part of this AP story about last night’s incident is that the headline is “Columbus relatively calm after OSU win,” despite the fact that there were dozens of fires and 40 arrests. Fires and arrests, and you call it calm… suuurre.

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rumbles in the blogosphere

Posted by eric on November 17, 2006

Jason Calacanis is leaving AOL. He’s done a whole slew of high tech things — apparently he was recently in charge of Netscape. I wouldn’t have even noticed the story on Slashdot, if i didn’t recognize the name from when I briefly met the guy at a broadcasting conference about 8 years ago (it was a session on the web):

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MS Zune, take two…

Posted by eric on November 15, 2006

This is kind of funny, on the heels of yesterday’s post about the Zune’s error screen. Now it’s being reported that it’s not compatible with Vista. Oops.

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I’m a PC. I’m a Mac. (No, I’m not.)

Posted by eric on November 11, 2006

Apparently Justin Long (of Dodgeball fame) is no longer a part of Apple’s Mac/PC commercials. Slashdot is reporting it, as is Wired’s Cult of Mac blog.

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it wouldn’t be an election without lawyers…

Posted by eric on November 9, 2006

Election Law: A Quick Look at How Some Court Rulings Affected Voting for Congress
The article/blog posting takes an interesting look at some races around the country. Most of the cases involved changing names on the ballot, for one reason or another.
(No offense to any lawyers or future lawyers intended by the post title.)
(Also: Day Nine.)

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elections and sports…

Posted by eric on November 8, 2006

What do the two have in common? Well, there are winners and losers. One has recounts, the other has ties. And some athletes are now succeeding in the political arena. Like Heath Shuler and a few others.

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