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day two — so far, so good.

Posted by eric on November 2, 2007

My installation of MT4 was relatively painless last night. I think I’m one of the last people I know using it. Many people have switched to another blogging CMS, or they’ve moved to a hosting service. When I get around to it, maybe I’ll look at some alternatives.
Among other things I plan to do around here, once I get around to them:

  • Update my Live Music page. It’s two years out of date.
  • Update my Taping page. I now have a complete rig, and a few more tapes.
  • Update the West Wing page, since the series is now over.
  • Redesign the site. I have a mockup sitting on my server, but I never really fleshed it out. And I don’t think I like that look anymore.

As I said, they’re things for when I get around to them. We’ll see how well that works.
Tomorrow, UM Homecoming. Once again, I’ll be watching from here and not the Orange Bowl, since I can’t take off time during sweeps.

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new coverart!

Posted by eric on April 8, 2007

A while back, I started making cover art for the December 5, 1997 DMB show at the Orange Bowl. Since it was at the Orange Bowl, I was looking forward to making the cover art and including some stadium photos. But Paint Shop Pro kept giving me memory errors. Today, I went back and essentially started from scratch, and it worked. It’s now up on the cover art page.

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so it’s been a while…

Posted by eric on December 24, 2006

So after 30 days of continuous posting… I wait three weeks before posting again. Oh well.
Not a whole lot to say at the moment. I’ve been grabbing a lot of “new-old” DMB recordings — maybe I’ll make cover art for some. Or maybe not. There’s one show from December 1997 (at the Orange Bowl) that I was making cover art for, but Paint Shop Pro kept crashing. Maybe I’ll revisit that soon…

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umm, oops…

Posted by eric on April 10, 2006

So I haven’t updated this thing… in a while. Haven’t much with the site, actually. More will come. Eventually. I think.

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ticket stubs found

Posted by eric on December 20, 2005

I was cleaning my room last night, when I found some ticket stubs. Several of them. All of the stubs, in fact, from my first 5 DMB concerts. I knew I had them somewhere, I just didn’t know where. But now I do. I’ve scanned them and added them to the Live Music page.

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more live music stuff…

Posted by eric on November 18, 2005

I’ve updated the Live Music page once again. I need to find a better way to set that page up, because with all of the ticket stubs, it’s getting really long. Maybe something sneaky with DIVs to show or hide the stubs. Or not.
The site redesign is still in progress. I think I have a design I like. I just need to flesh it out some more. Then convert everything. Ugh.

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actual content!

Posted by eric on September 28, 2005

Since is down tonight, I found myself with some spare time (ha). I decided to update some actual content on my site. I made some minor changes to the About Me page. I also made some major updates to the Live Music page. I put up all of my 2005 DMB concerts, some other 2005 concerts, and even a Dickey Betts show from 2004. One of these days, I need to find a better way to organize that page. (Maybe in the next version of this site, that’s now in the works…).
I also need to stop updating at 4 AM.

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in the works

Posted by eric on September 26, 2005

There’s a new version of Gallery out there now. Two, actually: 1.5.1 and 2.0. (Gallery is what runs my photo gallery). I may upgrade to 2.0 soon — I need to take a closer look at it first, and check a few things out.
I also have a new version of the site in the works. I’m playing with some DHTML and RSS, and I have a few other ideas. I came up with an idea last night, and am now in the process of fleshing one of those ideas out. It may look good, or it may look flat-out awful. We’ll see.

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travelin’ man…

Posted by eric on July 31, 2005

So I went too long without posting again. Oops. Three more galleries in the photo gallery — one from my trip up to SPAC to see DMB, and two from my road trip around Florida earlier this month for, well, you probably know what for.

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new art…

Posted by eric on May 2, 2005

Yes, I’m still here. I’ve just forgotten to update the blog in a while. Anyway, I’m going to try to make DMB cover art a little more frequently now. I just created covers for the December 31, 1992 concert. They’re in the Cover Art section, with the others.

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