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Posted by eric on November 26, 2007

Heroes keeps getting crazier. It’s going to be hard after next week’s season finale, waiting an unknown amount of time until we see more episodes. A lot of people compare the show to Lost, in the sense that both shows have built “mythologies,” and lead to a lot of viewer-created theories. In a sense, Heroes is “better” than Lost, because you can generally assume that up is up… which isn’t always the case in Lost. (Are they *definitely* on an island?) Of course, the good vs. evil lines seem to be a lot more blurred in Heroes than in Lost. But Lost just seems “tighter” in some aspects. Details are much more intricate — I mean, think about the hatches. Yes, Heroes created the Company, but I don’t know if they compare. Lost had its “Lost Experience” (which I never really got into… I came along too late), and Heroes has the online graphic novels. It seems that Lost does a lot more explaining through its alternate channels than Heroes does. Hmm. They’re both great shows. Thankfully, once Heroes is over, we’ll only have two months or so until Lost starts (we think). Of course, that will be a shortened season as well, it seems… argh.

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