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Posted by eric on November 29, 2006

I came across a Slashdot article tonight about how Legos are made. I had a TON of Legos as a kid. I had a gas station, an airport, several planes, various cars, and a few of the space-themed kits.
As I was typing up this entry, I thought about all of those Lego sculptures that are posted all over the place. I thought I had bookmarked some of them, but I didn’t. I think Eric Harshbarger’s sculptures are probably the most well-known. Then I remembered some computer case mods made of Legos, like this one and this one. Cool stuff.
I may be going to Minnesota next year for a trip — I think there’s a LegoLand attraction in the Mall of America. If I’m right, that may be worth checking out…
(one more to go!)

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