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one week down…

Posted by eric on November 7, 2007

I was playing around the NaBloPoMo randomizer again, and came across a post on She says that her neighbors already have a Christmas wreath on their door. That reminded me of a press release I saw at work — a local radio station is already playing Christmas-themed music 24/7. They started this a few days ago — so it wasn’t even a full week into November when this began. Seriously, people. Soon stations will be starting this in October, and then it will just creep earlier and earlier…
Clicking the randomizer link a few more times, I see a post that reminds me of a story that was in the news today: a Chinese-made bead toy that’s being recalled in Australia and the U.S.. Why is it being recalled, you ask? No, it’s not lead paint, but you’re on the right track. A chemical in the beads converts to GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate) — also known as the date rape drug. Obviously not something kids should be ingesting!

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