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Posted by eric on November 12, 2006

So, not the greatest football weekend for me:
Saturday: Miami loses to Maryland 14-13. The good news is that Kirby Freeman did a great job as QB. Also a redeeming point to the day: FSU losing 30-0 to Wake Forest, for Bobby Bowden’s first ever shutout loss at home.
Sunday: Jaguars lose 13-10 to the Texans. For the second time this season. Not good. If our defense hadn’t been playing as well as it did, it would have been more of a lopsided loss. Very few good things to say about this game.
Not helping matters: One of my fantasy football teams is getting just pummeled. The other is holding on, and should win (despite some under-performing performances). But the first one is just getting clobbered. Ugh.

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