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Posted by eric on November 10, 2006

DMB recently released a “greatest hits” compilation, The Best of What’s Around. An assortment of studio and live tracks. You could buy it through the Warehouse pre-order store, which would get you the “encore” CD, with even more live tracks. I managed to miss the pre-order deadline, partially because I kept putting it off.
Sunday, I saw that Best Buy would have the CD (minus the encore CD, of course) for 11.99. I decided I’d buy it there, and just deal with the fact that I missed the extra tracks. So I did. And it sounds pretty good.
Today I see an email from DMB saying that they are making the encore CD available for a limited time at a premium price… $10 in addition to the price of the CD, if you order through them. One, I already have the CD at this point. Two, paying $10 for something that was free last week doesn’t make much sense. Oh well.
(side note: one-third of the way there.)

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