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the coaching carousel…

Posted by eric on November 5, 2006

For Miami and FSU fans, this football season is pretty much a lost cause. But I’ve thought of one bright spot for Miami fans.
Our school can fire its coach, if it so desires. (Which is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point.)
Because, you see, it’s awfully hard for FSU to fire Bobby Bowden when they’ve named the stadium/field after him, and put a statue of him out front. And it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to step down on his own just yet.
Which brings up the next coaching thorn in FSU’s side — Jeff Bowden.
It’s hard for Bobby to fire his son. Which gave me an idea.
Have Tommy Bowden hire him at Clemson.
No, not necessarily as a coach. Something involving less strategy. I was thinking… maybe waterboy?

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