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what’s “yours” isn’t necessarily really “yours”

Posted by eric on October 28, 2005

Declaration of InDRMpendence (ZDNet)
Every day, I get the ZDNet Tech Update Today email. Usually I just glance over it. But today’s had an interesting article about Motorola’s ROKR and how it’s actually not doing all that well. At the bottom, was a link to this “declaration,” a previous article by the same author. I was already familiar with the situation he mentioned at the top, about the difficulty of playing digitally-purchased music on a home stereo, having read that article a few months ago. As much as everyone sings the praises of iTunes et al, it’s not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.

One Response to “what’s “yours” isn’t necessarily really “yours””

  1. jason said

    Blame it all on the RIAA. They have no idea how to handle a changing marketplace, and in the process are just screwing up their product.

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