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actual content!

Posted by eric on September 28, 2005

Since is down tonight, I found myself with some spare time (ha). I decided to update some actual content on my site. I made some minor changes to the About Me page. I also made some major updates to the Live Music page. I put up all of my 2005 DMB concerts, some other 2005 concerts, and even a Dickey Betts show from 2004. One of these days, I need to find a better way to organize that page. (Maybe in the next version of this site, that’s now in the works…).
I also need to stop updating at 4 AM.

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Big Sky photos

Posted by eric on January 25, 2005

My photos are now up from the “final” Big Sky concert down in Gainesville on January 22nd. I have some short videos I took with my digital camera that I may put up later, depending on how they turned out.

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more music…

Posted by eric on December 19, 2004

I just added four concerts and five ticket stubs to my Live Music page. I added a stub from the Billy Joel concert I went to in 1999, as well as entries for my 4 DMB concerts from this summer. I think I’m missing a few smaller concerts here and there, still. I’m now starting to think of other ways to organize this page, because I’d like to integrate this with the map, and internal links don’t work all that well with a table. Hmm…

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